At-Home Paint Date

Looking for an easy at-home date night that will help you bring out you and your significant other’s creative side? Try painting this spring bike! Painting is a great way to have a fun time with your significant other while also getting a little messy. 

Here’s What You’ll Need:
  • 2 8×10 Canvases (can be other sizes)
  • Paintbrushes: large flat paintbrush, medium round paintbrush, small flat paintbrush, small round paintbrush
  • Acrylic Paint: white, purple, black, green, Caribbean blue, brown paint, yellow paint, red
  • Disposable tablecloth or Large Roll of Wrapping Paper
  • Cup of Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Pencil or a Piece of Chalk

Here’s the How-To

Step One: Get your supplies organized. Layout your brushes and find space to create your masterpiece together. We suggest using a disposable tablecloth on top of a table but if that isn’t an option then you can use either a disposable tablecloth or wrapping paper and lay it out on the floor. 

Step Two: Take your piece of cardboard and put some white acrylic paint on it and then some Caribbean blue paint off to the side. Then, using your large flat brush, fill the brush with white paint and then add some Caribbean blue paint to the corner of the brush. 

TIP: You can do this with any color you choose! It doesn’t have to be Caribbean blue but we suggest using a lighter color for this painting (light pink, light purple, light red, light yellow, etc). 

Step Three: Place the paintbrush on the canvas and begin to drag the paintbrush up and down the canvas refilling the brush as needed with white paint and Caribbean blue paint. This will create a nice stroke pattern for your painting’s background. Make sure you paint the edges of the canvas if you are wanting to hang it. When finished, clean off your brush with the cup or bowl of water and dry it out with a paper towel. Let the paint dry on the canvas for 30-40 minutes until it is no longer wet. 

Step Four: Use a pencil or a piece of chalk to trace out a bicycle on your canvas. This helps you figure out spacing and will help you know where to paint. 

Step Five: Pour some black paint on your piece of cardboard. Make sure it doesn’t touch the other colors on the palette. Using the small flat brush, dip it in the black paint and get the extra paint off the sides. Then, using your lines as a guide fill in the bike’s wheel and handlebar with black paint. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before switching colors, make sure you clean the brush off with water and by getting the excess paint out using a paper towel.

Step Six: Take out the medium flat brush and choose a color for your bike! Then, fill the paintbrush up with the color of your bike and paint in the bike’s frame based on your drawing. 

Step Seven: Pick up the small flat brush again and then put white paint on the brush. Then, fill in the bike’s handlebar curve with white paint. 

Step Eight: Use the small flat brush to black paint to paint in the basket attachments as well as the tire spires. 

Step Nine: Use the small flat brush to collect brown off your piece of cardboard to paint to the bike’s basket. After doing that, mix some brown and white paint to create different shades of brown and begin making a criss-cross pattern with your paintbrush and blend the colors in. This will help give it a basket weave look. 

Step Ten: Use the small flat brush to get a tiny bit of white paint to put some light on the bike frame and on the handlebars. 

Step Eleven: Use the medium round brush to get some red paint off of your piece of cardboard. Then above the woven basket, paint a small circle of red paint and then paint in a c pattern to create a rose. Next, take the small sound brush and take a little bit of white paint and repeat the c pattern to make your rose come to life. 

Step Twelve: Repeat step eleven with four other colors for four other roses to fill up the woven basket. 

Step Thirteen: Using the small round brush get some yellow paint and create a dotting pattern in the spaces underneath the roses to make some small yellow flowers. Let the basket and flowers dry for about 10-15 minutes. 

Step Fourteen: Once the paint dries, take some paint using the small flat brush to get some green paint for the leaves. Then, use the thin side of the brush to draw the stem and then create the leaf around it. 

Step Fifteen: After you’ve made all the adjustments to your painting and last touches, you are finished! Get a glass of wine and admire you and your significant other’s masterpieces!