Back-to-School and New Routine Resources from PBS & PBS Kids

Back-to-School and New Routine Resources from PBS & PBS Kids

Now that we’re into September, it’s safe to say the kids are back to school and working on getting back into their school-time routine. We also think it’s safe to say that not every child takes to this routine in the exactly the same way, especially with the uncertainty COVID has brought to the education and care systems over the last two years. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of resources you and your family can use to help this school year get off to a great start:

Creating Daily Routines: A routine can make your mornings less hectic and help your children understand both the day ahead and the expectations for their involvement and behavior. Routines can also help our brains settle down, especially at bedtime. You can learn more about the power of routines here:

Practice SUPER Routines:

Bedtime Routines with Daniel Tiger:

Setting a Routine for Success at School:

Understanding the Day and Week Ahead: Being spontaneous can be fun, but sometimes we just want to know what’s expected of us each day. Children feel that way too. Help them be better prepared for a great day with these planners:

Make a “Plan Your Day” Book:

Create a Refrigerator Planner:

Create a Weekly Planner:

Making the Most of Your Evenings: Between school, work, after-school activities and life, it can be easy to skip over the most important things, like spending time together and engaging with your child’s development, both educationally and emotionally. These might help:

Share Your Yay, Oops and Blah Moments:

Have Better Conversations:

PBS Kids Games to Play as a Family: