Celebrating 25 Years with Lidia Bastianich

Celebrating 25 Years with Lidia Bastianich

Beloved chef Lidia Bastianich is celebrating 25 years on public television. With one of the longest running cooking shows on PBS, Lidia is also a life-long restaurateur and bestselling cookbook author. We wanted to share a few ways for you to celebrate this milestone in her career with us. Check out the list below for our specials featuring Lidia and ways to watch.

25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

In honor of her silver anniversary, join Lidia’s family and celebrity friends to roll back the years and get an intimate look at the memorable moments of her life, both on and off the screen. Tune in on Monday, December 18, at 8pm on CET / ThinkTV16 for this new special. Watch a preview: https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/preview-25-years-with-lidia-a-culinary-jubilee-cdzifr/.

Lidia’s Kitchen

Throughout this 26-part series, Lidia shares anecdotes and recipes from her childhood, when times were sometimes challenging, but happy and fulfilling. Long-time friends, including Dario Cecchini and Rita Jammet, and grandchildren join Lidia as she shares the stories that shaped her as a person and as a chef. Watch episodes now with Passport: https://watch.cetconnect.org/show/lidias-kitchen/.

Lidia Celebrates America

Lidia travels from big cities to small towns in America to share the inspiring stories of first, second, and third-generation Americans forging their own way and shaping the shifting definition of what it means to be an American in this three-part special. Learn more: https://watch.cetconnect.org/show/lidia-celebrates-america/ .

Part 1: Flavors the Define Us

As America grows more diverse than ever before, immigrants must figure out how much of their culture to keep and what to leave behind, and many are more openly sharing their heritage with a new country they now call home. Watch it now with Passport: https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/lidia-celebrates-america-flavors-that-define-us-m9jloq/ .

Part 2: Overcoming the Odds

Lidia shares the inspiring stories of a diverse group of resilient Americans who have overcome extraordinary odds in their own lives, found purpose in serving their communities and turned their loss into inspiring accomplishments. Watch it now with Passport: https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/lidia-celebrates-america-overcoming-the-odds-axtsgu/ .

Part 3: A Salute to First Responders

Lidia visits the men and women serving on the front lines, from firefighters in California battling wildfires, to medical workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic in New York. Meet first responders who’ve worked quietly in the shadows, and now find themselves thrust into the spotlight by crises facing the country in 2020. Watch it now with Passport: https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/lidia-celebrates-america-a-salute-to-first-responders-xwqws4/.

Finding Your Roots: Flight

As a child, Lidia Bastianich’s family fled her hometown of Pola, Istria to escape communist rule. She ended up spending two years in a refugee camp before finally securing a visa to the United States. In this episode of Finding your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Lidia is one of three featured women whose families crisscrossed the globe to escape oppression and find opportunity, leaving them with questions about their relatives who stayed behind: https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/flight-nfqs6l/ .

Vermont Public Specials: From Lidia’s Kitchen To Yours – Q&A Virtual Event

Even social distancing restrictions couldn’t keep Lidia from sharing her passions as a chef. Vermont PBS hosted a live Q&A with Lidia as she discussed holiday cooking and traditions, favorite recipes, her latest cookbook, Felida – recipes from her flagship restaurant in New York City – and took questions from the audience. Watch it now: https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/virtual-event-from-lidias-kitchen-to-yours-a-qa-nfn0cv/ .

Lidia Bastianich: WHYY Lifelong Learning Award 2023

Philadelphia public radio station WHYY honored Lidia Bastianich with the 21st Lifelong Learning Award. This special programming event features an interview between Bastianich and Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air. Watch it now: https://watch,cetconnect.org/video/lidia-bastianich-whyy-lifelong-learning-award-2023-uemlgr/.