CET and ThinkTV Debut “Hobby Hunting” a Digital Interactive Collection

CET and ThinkTV Debut “Hobby Hunting” a Digital Interactive Collection

CET and ThinkTV have created an interactive digital collection to help you try new things and – hopefully – find your hobby! Hobby Hunting was built to keep spirits high and creative juices flowing throughout the summer, especially with kids at home, travel plans limited and fewer activities planned for the warmer months.

“Some of my favorite childhood memories are of special activities that my family and I did together such as gardening, playing games outside, and cooking up sweet treats – all of which are included in Hobby Hunting. This series aims to inspire the child in all of us to try something new, get messy, and make some memories,” CET/ThinkTV Digital Content Specialist and Hobby Hunting co-creator Kaelin Hagler said.

Having a hobby not only keeps you inspired, but can also help keep you healthy! A study conducted by Matthew Zawadzki, a psychologist at the University of California, shows that having a leisure activity can provide immediate stress relief as well as numerous physical and mental health benefits such as improved focus, happiness and a longer life.

“Hobbies are creative in nature and we wanted to highlight the wide spectrum of activities you can try from the comfort of your home. I have personally found that finding a hobby helps reduce the stress of every day life and gives you something to look forward to doing in your free time,” ThinkTV/CET Communication Specialist and Hobby Hunting co-creator Kristen Teter said.

Hobbies covered include painting, cartoon drawing, birdwatching, DIY repurposing, collecting, and many more! Here are just a couple of the hobbies that you can explore on the site now…

Chalk Games

Chalk games can be fun, but up your game by trying out this new chalk game on our “Hobby Hunting” feature! Watch the feature and learn more here.

5 Easy Ways To Start Journaling

Journaling can be both an enjoyable activity and a therapeutic one! According to Psychology Today, studies have shown that journaling can reduce your stress, improve your immune system and can even improve your memory! Not sure where to start when it comes to journaling? Learn more by reading the article!

Paint Your Pet

This video from the “Hobby Hunting” series will teach you how to paint your pet stroke by stroke! All that’s needed is paint, brushes and a cute picture of your fur-end! Watch the video and learn more here!

We plan to add at least one new activity every week, so check back often!