CET and ThinkTV Premiere “Art in Isolation” During COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders

CET and ThinkTV Premiere “Art in Isolation” During COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders

To help celebrate the constant and ever-changing work that artists in our community are still doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we created the Art in Isolation digital series, a subset of The Art Show, that premiered exclusively on social media and our website.

“While our public media stations have been incredibly active providing ‘At-Home Learning’ resources, as well as an endless amount of pandemic information and Ohio task force coverage, continuing to update our arts coverage was a challenge. With Art in Isolation we saw an opportunity to raise awareness around the experience of artists during the lockdown, and through their stories a chance to connect, uplift and inspire our online community through beauty and self-expression. We’re so thankful for the collaborating artists that took part. They truly do reflect the arts spirit in southwestern Ohio, where creativity never stops, even during confinement. That’s worth celebrating even in the darkest times,” CET and ThinkTV Executive Producer Mark Lammers said.

Lammers co-produced Art in Isolation with Digital Content Specialist Kaelin Hagler. Here are the episodes:

Art in Isolation: Jody Jones

Hip-hop artist Jody Jones kicks off the series by showing how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his creative process and how he is adapting to the situation.

Art in Isolation: CCM Musical Theatre

See how UC-CCM’s Musical Theatre program innovated their Senior Showcase this year due to COVID-19. Yesterday would have been their performance in New York City.

Art in Isolation: Countess Winfrey

Learn how Countess Winfrey from Dayton Contemporary Dance Company has evolved the art of dance to fit in the current quarantine lifestyle. 

Art in Isolation: Courtney Lucien

This episode focuses on how Courtney Lucien, a resident actor at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, work has been affected by the pandemic.

Art in Isolation: Dan Karlsberg

This episode takes a look at how this pandemic has affected local musicians like jazz pianist Dan Karlsberg.

Art in Isolation: Leesa Haapapuro

Leesa Haapapuro has created a way to make community art even in isolation. Hear how she is collaborating with Cincinnati Public Schools and the Kennedy Heights Arts Center to make it possible.

Art in Isolation: Pam Kravetz

Artist and teacher Pam Kravetz shares her work with ArtWorks Cincinnati, AGAR, The Cincinnati Public Library, and The Art Academy on this episode of the series.

Art in Isolation: Amy Kollar Anderson

Check out how local artist Amy Kollar Anderson is using her talent for the good of the community.

Art in Isolation: Madcap Puppets

Features some very special guests on this episode of the Art in Isolation series featuring Dylan Shelton from Madcap Puppets.

Art in Isolation: Annie Lee-Zimerle

See how Annie is adapting her art form in the next episode of Art in Isolation.

Art in Isolation: Ryan Fine

Meet Ryan Fine – a Cincinnati native now living in Nashville – and hear how he’s been able to use confinement to expand on his song-writing skills, including writing custom songs by request!