Chalk Games

Chalk games can be fun, but up your game by trying out this new chalk game on our next “Hobby Hunting” feature!

  • Chalk of various colors!

Three Games:

Math Path

  • Create a path and divide into sections.
  • Write one math problem in each section, and begin!
  • To work your way through the path, you must complete the math question in each section before continuing on to the next.

Scavenger Hunt

  • Write down several items that can be found in your yard, and draw circles for the items to be placed inside of.
  • To play, you must find all of the items listed and place them inside of their circles.

Obstacle Course

  • You can make your obstacle course as easy or as difficult as needed depending on the age of your children.
  • Use examples from the video above to piece together an obstacle course, such as jumping over lines, star jumps, crab walking, and more! Anything your children can do is fair game – so feel free to personalize the obstacle course to fit their needs and skills.