Cincinnati Opera at 100


Cincinnati Opera at 100, an hour-long televised program commemorating Cincinnati Opera’s centennial, features insights from local and national opera experts and performances by artists from across the country. The nation’s second-oldest opera company, Cincinnati Opera presented its first performance on June 27, 1920, at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Though the company’s 100th Anniversary Season was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cincinnati Opera at 100 transports the opera-going experience into viewers’ homes, including historical commentary by opera experts and performances by much-loved singers from recent Cincinnati Opera productions. Performances take place from the artists’ homes as well as iconic locations throughout the city, including the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cincinnati Music Hall, and other surprise venues.

Learn about the Opera’s 100th anniversary with this episode of SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar:


Wednesday, May 12, at 8pm on CET Arts