Creative Family Fun with Hobby Hunting

Creative Family Fun with Hobby Hunting

Crafts can be a great way to bring together family and friends of all ages. Whether you have a day to spend with the kids or just catching up with friends, follow along with these tutorials from Hobby Hunting for some fun activities to do together this summer – and make something super cool in the process!

Tie-Dye Party

Tie dye is super fun for all ages and makes for a cool party! Host your very own tie dye party this summer with treats and printable care instructions. Tie dye can be a little messy, but you can keep your guests organized with some of the planning tips from this video! Learn more:

Dollar Tree Fairy Garden

The Dollar Tree has an entire fairy garden section this summer with tons of options to make your little oasis adorable and totally budget-friendly. The beauty in a fairy garden is that you can add whatever you like, making them as unique as whoever creates them. Make your own today! Learn more:

Chalk Games

Chalk can be fun, but give it a twist by trying out these new games that are perfect for the little ones. Practice those math skills with a path of problems or test your agility with an obstacle course. Use your favorite colors to customize your games to your liking! Learn more:

Cactus Rocks

Brighten up your porch by learning how to decorate rocks to make them look like cacti! Not only are these a super fun art activity, but they make perfect displays for potted plants or an outdoor garden. Add some fake flowers to your rocks for an extra detail. Learn more:

Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Looking for a fun craft to do with your kiddos or maybe a girls night activity? Make some beaded friendship bracelets to share with your besties by following along to this super easy tutorial. You might make something so cute you’ll want to keep it for yourself!  Learn more:

Stained Glass Butterfly

This stained glass butterfly is a fun summer project – it’s beautiful, it’s easy to do with your family and it gets everyone outside! This is another fun way to practice your artistic skills by creating a piece that is unique to you! Learn more: