DIY Wood Round Home Decor

Personalize your living space with this DIY Wood Round Home Decor, which you can update any time!

Materials You Will Need:
  • A wood round
  • 1 bottle of chalk paint
  • 1 paint brush
  • Water
  • Paper towels


Step One: Place the wood round on top of something you feel comfortable painting over (example: paper towels, plastic bags, brown paper bags, disposable tablecloth, etc.)

Step Two: Pour a little bit of the chalk paint on top of the wood round and then cover the round with paint all the way to the edges. Tip: Don’t use too much paint as you want the wood round to have a smooth surface! 

Step Three: Let the first coat dry for two hours. 

Step Four: Apply a second coat of chalk paint over the first. Remember to keep the paint as smooth as possible. 

Step Five: Let the second coat of paint dry for another two hours. 

Step Six: While the paint is drying, look for a quote you would like to put on your wood round! Here are some articles for inspiration:

Step Seven: Once the paint has dried, you can write the quote you have picked out from Step Six on the wood round using a piece of chalk. 

Step Eight: Find a place to display your wood round and share your DIY home decor with your guests!