Europe’s New Wild


In this new four-part series, viewers will witness the resurgence of wildlife across the continent in the most unexpected places through captivating footage. As conservationists give nature a helping hand, each episode examines how ecosystems are being restored, providing a new chance for Europe’s most iconic wildlife to thrive among its breathtaking landscapes.


Wednesday, March 17, at 10pm on CET

Episode 1: The Missing Lynx
Wednesday, February 3, at 10pm on CET

Across the Iberian Peninsula, food chains and ecosystems are restored, allowing a host of endangered animals, including the Iberian Lynx –the rarest cat in the world—to flourish once again.

Episode 2: Return of the Titans
Wednesday, February 10, at 10pm on CET

In Europe’s Carpathian Mountains, the introduction of Bison is helping numerous other species to prosper while just beyond this mountainous region, Gray Wolves are staging an astonishing return.

Episode 3: The Land of the Snow and Ice
Wednesday, February 24th at 10pm on CET

Sami reindeer herders and modern conservationists are teaming up in a bid to save one of Europe’s wildest frontiers. Through ice and snow, the link between man and wild is being re-forged.

Episode 4: Europe’s Amazon
Wednesday, March 17, at 10pm on CET

The Danube is the largest preserved wetland on the continent and a sanctuary for thousands of species, where many are the last of their kind.