Experiments with Mister C

For the next installment of our Kids Edition of Hobby Hunting – and with school back in full swing – we wanted to highlight a few fun science activities you can do with your family. These are all experiments from our good friend, Mister C, and they are great for children of all ages, although some may require some adult help. Check them out below:

Water Walk

Try out this cool, at-home science experiment to explore how capillary action works using items found in your home!

Koozy Kazoos

Learn how to make your very own kazoo! All you need is a few popsicle sticks, rubberbands, and straws to give you the cool sound that a kazoo makes based on vibrations!

Squeeze Bottle Rocket Launcher

Have you ever wanted to make your own rocket launcher?! With this easy-to-follow video, you’ll be launching rockets from the comfort of your home in no time!

Rubber Band Boat Engineering Design Challenge

Get creative and design your own boat using cardboard, duct tape, and rubber bands. Don’t forget to test it out to see if it works!

Bouncy Eggs

Have you ever wondered what an egg looks like without the shell? Find out by trying this science experiment using vinegar!

A “Potential” Chain Reaction

Explore potential and kinetic energy with this simple activity.  Grad some building blocks, rubber bands and popsicle sticks to create a unique chain reaction that will have you saying, “Are you kinetic-ing me! That was amazing!”

Milky Madness

Make beautiful firework displays of color using milk, dish soap and a cotton swab applicator.  Explore the wonderful world of chemistry with this fun and easy experiment.

Heatless Lava Lamp

Explore chemical changes and density in this fun and simple experiment! All you need is vegetable oil, water, and an effervescent tablet.