Fall is Finally Here

Fall is Finally Here

Say goodbye to heatwaves (hopefully) and hello to pretty leaves and cooler temps because Fall is here!

As your humble author, I feel obliged to let you all know one thing: I. Love. Fall. Fall is the season in which I thrive. I love getting to wear a nice sweater or a jacket, I love the smell in the air, and I love the foods and traditions that come along with this glorious time of year.

Let’s celebrate the end of the hottest part of the year and get excited for colored leaves, hot apple cider and what Fall looks like for different parts of the country.

New Scandinavian Cooking – Flavors of the Eternal Forest

In autumn, the Scandinavian forest is full of berries, mushrooms and wild game. Andreas visits the town of Hønefoss in the woods of Eastern Norway, where he makes lunch for a group of hunters. Then, he investigates the origins of one of his favorite Norwegian potatoes, a small and strange, but tasty crop from Ringerike.


The Slice – Bonsai in Autumn

In this short video, Visit Dave Severson’s wonderful Bonsai garden in Autumn, when the tamaracks and maples are at their peak color.


Overview – Unlocking the Mysteries of Autumn Leaves

The fall colors of New England are one of the most breathtaking natural spectacles on earth. Trillions of green leaves across the region transform into the brilliant hues of fall. But the reasons why are still a bit of a mystery.


North Carolina Weekend – Autumn Adventures

North Carolina Weekend celebrates Autumn Adventures with a trip to Summerfield Farms, Lake Chatuge, Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Armstrong Artisan Farm, the Charles Kuralt Trail and the Chicken Mull Festival in Bear Creek.


Autumnwatch New England

For our Passport members, travel to the colorful landscapes of New England, meet a cast of unforgettable wildlife characters and experience some of the best autumn has to offer, including leaf gazing, pumpkin carving and cranberry harvesting.