Featured Programs

  • Great Performances: Andrea Bocelli – Believe

    Join the internationally beloved tenor for performances of his 2020 album. Support CET and get two tickets and pre-show passes to see Andrea Bocelli on April 7.

    Tuesday, February 27, at 8pm on CET
    Sunday, March 3, at 8pm on CET

  • American Pop Flashback: Great Hits of the 60’s and 70’s

    Celebrate the feel-good songs of the 60s and 70s with a dazzling cavalcade of stars. Support CET and get an American Pop Flashback! Great Hits of the 60s and 70s 2-CD Set and DVD.

    Tuesday, February 27, at 9:30pm, on ThinkTV14
    Friday, March 1, at 8pm, on ThinkTV14
    Saturday, March 2, at 9:35pm on CET
    Friday, March 8, at 8pm, on ThinkTV14

  • Live from Taipei: Il Divo XX

    Celebrate 20 years with the groundbreaking classical crossover group.

    Wednesday, February 28, at 9:30pm on ThinkTV14
    Tuesday, March 5, at 9:30pm on CET
    Wednesday, March 6, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

  • Celtic Woman: 20th Anniversary Concert

    Join the Irish musical ensemble for a night of song and dance. Support CET and get two tickets to see Celtic Woman at the Aronoff Center on April 29.

    Saturday, March 2, at 8pm on CET

  • Rick Steves Artful Europe

    Join award-winning travel expert Rick Steves as he discusses European art and the importance of traveling abroad.

    Sunday, March 3, at 7pm on ThinkTV14

  • Nolly on Masterpiece

    Explore the life of Noele Gordon, one of the most famous faces on British TV.

    Sundays, March 17 through 31, at 9pm on CET

  • Inferno to Paradise: Dante

    Explore the riveting life and times of Dante Alighieri and his soaring masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy.”

    Part 1: Monday, March 18, at 8pm on CET
    Part 2: Tuesday, March 19, at 8pm on CET

  • NOVA: Polar Extremes

    Travel back in time and across the globe to uncover the secrets of the earth’s poles.

    Wednesday, March 20, at 9pm on CET
    Monday, March 25, at 9pm on ThinkTV14

  • Inside Our Autistic Minds

    Chris Packham harnesses technology to transform the lives of four autistic people.

    Part 1: Saturday, March 23, at 10pm on CET
    Part 2: Saturday, March 30, at 10pm on CET

  • American Experience: The Cancer Detectives

    Learn how three people worked together to slash the death rates from cervical cancer.

    Tuesday, March 26, at 9pm on CET

  • Healing Hidden Wounds: Unconditional

    Uncover the home healthcare crises of mental health and emotional wellness.

    Friday, March 29, at 9pm on CET