Featured Programs

    • Queen of Chocolate: Luisa Spagnoli

      Travel to the 1920s and explore the story of an Italian businesswoman.

      Thursdays, June 13 through June 27, and Thursday, July 11, at 10pm on CET

    • Professor T Season 3

      The Professor is in jail and desperate to find a way back to his old life and job.

      Sundays, June 16 through July 21, at 8pm on CET

    • Grantchester Season 9

      When the resident cleric position unexpectedly turns over, Grantchester surges with new energy.

      Sundays, June 16 through August 4, at 9pm on CET

    • D.I. Ray Season 2

      After a fatal shooting outside Birmingham hospital, D.I. Ray is thrust back into homicide.

      Sundays, June 16 through July 21, at 10pm on CET

    • The Great American Recipe Season 2

      Celebrate the roots of American cuisine as eight homecooks compete for this year’s competition.

      Mondays, June 17 through August 12, at 9pm on CET

    • Soundtrack of a Revolution – Disco

      Uncover the surprising and overlooked history of disco: its origins, its fall and its legacy.

      Tuesdays, June 18 through July 2, at 9pm on CET

    • Dynamic Planet

      Embark on an epic journey to witness how science, nature and tradition define our future.

      Wednesdays, June 19 through July 10, at 8pm on CET
      Mondays, June 24 through July 15, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

    • Hope in the Water

      Learn the story of people who are feeding our growing planet while working to save our oceans.

      Wednesdays, June 19 through July 3, at 9pm on CET

    • POV: King Coal

      Explore the complex history and future of the coal industry through personal stories in Central Appalachia.

      Monday, June 24 at 10pm on CET

    • Presidential Debate: Biden & Trump

      PBS will provide live coverage and analysis of the debate between Biden and Trump on June 27.

      Thursday, June 27, 9pm on CET