Grantchester Season 7


The series picks up in the long hot summer of 1959 with wedding season in full swing in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester. As the Reverend Will Davenport unites happy couples in holy matrimony, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating is busy as ever investigating a range of local murder cases.

With a new decade just around the corner, the question of what the future holds is on everyone’s minds, not least Will’s, but before the 50s roll over into the swinging sixties there are some crimes to solve and some life-changing decisions to be made that might change life in Grantchester forever.


Sundays, July 10 through August 14, at 9pm on CET
Tuesdays, July 12 through August 16, at 8pm on CET Arts

Episode 1
Sunday, July 10, at 9pm on CET
Tuesday, July 12, at 8pm on CET Arts

When a dead body is found on a local estate, Will and Geordie find themselves investigating stories of lost love and family inheritance in an attempt to uncover the killer.

Episode 2
Sunday, July 17, at 9pm on CET
Tuesday, July 19, at 8pm on CET Arts

Will and Geordie investigate the death of a cleaning brand owner who died in curious circumstances. Their investigation leads them to discover his private life is less spotless than the pristine image his family presented to the public.

Episode 3
Sunday, July 24, at 9pm on CET
Tuesday, July 26, at 8pm on CET Arts

A vagrant’s death leads Will and Georgie to investigate two previous similar unsolved cases as a possible killer is targeting the homeless.

Episode 4
Sunday, July 31, at 9pm on CET
Tuesday, August 2 at 8pm on CET Arts

A member of Will’s own congregation is found murdered just before a church fundraising event. It quickly becomes clear that the victim was not quite the upstanding member of the community Will believed him to have been.

Episode 5
Sunday, August 7, at 9pm on CET
Tuesday, August 9, at 8pm on CET Arts

Will and Geordie investigate a murder and missing persons case at a senior citizen’s care home. It is unclear if some of the victims may also be perpetrators of the crime.

Episode 6
Sunday, August 8, at 9pm on CET
Tuesday, August 10, at 8pm on CET Arts

Another homeless man is found dead and killed in the same manner as the previous victims. Geordie and Will realize that they may have sent the wrong man to prison, and the real killer may still be at large.

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