Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

If you’re someone with Hispanic roots, or enjoys the study of other cultures, then you’ll be excited to know that Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off on September 15th and lasts until October 15th. It’s the time of year where we look at the many different lands that our Hispanic friends and family have come from over generations.

In fact, the 36th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards will be streaming on PBS.org on September 29th at 9pm. It will also be airing on CET Arts at 9pm and, if you have a DVR, overnight on CET. If you’d like to watch the ceremony from last year and have an active CET Passport membership, you can watch it on the PBS App right now.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and the approaching Awards, here is a list of shows and clips that you can watch to learn and show your appreciation for the richness of Hispanic heritage.

Great Performances – Now Hear This “Albéniz: Portraits of Spain” – How Spain Shaped Albéniz

Host Scott Yoo, guitarist Manuel Barrueco and pianist Juan Pérez Floristán discuss how composer Isaac Albéniz’s work was influenced by Spain and then play Albéniz’s “Asturias” in this clip from Great Performances. If you’d like to watch the full episode, it’s available to Passport members on the PBS App.

United Nations of Dance – Mexico

The beautifully rich culture of Mexico is deeply rooted in family and tradition. United Nations of Dance takes us to the picturesque region of Monterrey to explore some of the country’s most diverse styles of movement as well as the families that are ensuring that these traditions are not lost for younger generations. Watch the full episode on the PBS App.

Eliades Ochoa: From Cuba to The World

Eliades Ochoa rose to worldwide fame in the late ‘90s as an original member of the band The Buena Vista Social Club. Over the decades, he has dedicated his life to celebrating and preserving the traditional folk roots of Cuban music. Get an intimate portrait of this legendary Cuban musician through rare photographs, archival footage, and interviews with family, friends, and fellow musicians. You can watch the entire documentary on the PBS App at any time!

Smart Travels – Europe with Rudy Maxa: Mexico City & Zihuantanejo

Mexico City is the world’s largest metropolis: modern, crowded, and steeped in tradition. Rudy begins at pre-Aztec Teotihuacán and learns more about Mexico’s roots at the National Museum of Anthropology. Modern excitement can be found at the Zocolo, the world’s second largest square and the center of national life. Finally, we head to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo on the Mexican Riviera. This entire episode is available right now on the PBS App with Passport.

Somos Hispanos

Join host Nin Hageness for a news magazine about Hispanic people: how they live, the issues they face day to day, and the positive work they do to make a difference in the community. ​​The show highlights people, culture, and events that help promote positive images of the Hispanic community. You can find the entire show on the PBS App right now.