Hobby Hunting: The Halloween Collection!

Hobby Hunting: The Halloween Collection!

As our Hobby Hunting collection continues into the fall, we’ve assembled five Halloween-themed activities you and your family can do together! Check them out below and learn more about Hobby Hunting at https://cetconnect.org/hobbyhunting/.

Fa-boo-lous Halloween Games for All Ages!

With traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating being put on hold in many communities this year, families are looking for other things to do with their kids and teens. We have come up with a list of 10 Fa-boo-lous Halloween Games that kids and families can enjoy: https://thinktv.org/fa-boo-lous-halloween-games-for-all-ages/.

Adorable Monster Treats

All eyes will be on you while you make these tasty adorable monster treats on this Hobby Hunting segment! This kid-friendly recipe can also give you some bonding time with your little one! Find the instructions here: https://thinktv.org/adorable-monster-treats/.

Healthy Halloween Treats

No tricks! These Halloween treats are un-boo-leivably healthy and a blast to make! Learn how to make them on this Hobby Hunting video. Find the instructions here: https://thinktv.org/healthy-halloween-treats/.

Create Your Own Monster Pumpkin!

Make your favorite cookie-loving monster with this pumpkin decorating tutorial from Hobby Hunting! Find the instructions here: https://thinktv.org/create-your-own-monster-pumpkin/.

DIY Halloween Tins

Decorating for Halloween is always exciting and puts people in a creative spirit. Put it to good use making these adorable Halloween tins that can be used for decorations, candles, or candy containers! The project was inspired by Red Ted Art. Find the instructions here: https://thinktv.org/diy-halloween-tins/.