Honoring Service and Sacrifice this Veterans Day

Honoring Service and Sacrifice this Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, we honor, remember and thank those who have served our country. We share and celebrate stories past and present, recognizing the sacrifices these heroes and their families have made for us. We invite you to check out our available programs as we honor their service this Veterans Day and always:

On Air and Online

Stranger at Home: Healing the Psychological Wounds of War

Sunday, November 5, at 11pm on CET
Saturday, November 11, 7pm on ThinkTV16 Ohio/World

Take an in-depth look at eradicating stigma and creating a National Behavioral (Mental) Health Corps as achievable and critical steps to end an unnecessary mental health crisis. The intimate stories of three Veterans — Mark Russell, Charles Figley and Steven Elliott — share a unified message, which is: mental health care reform is the most essential human rights frontier ahead of us, and that it’s time for the American Military to take the lead role in this profoundly important movement. Learn more: https://strangerathome.org/

Independent Lens: Three Chaplains

Monday, November 6, at 10pm on CET
Thursday, November 9, 10pm on ThinkTV16

Muslim chaplains uphold the First Amendment and vow to protect service members’ right to practice their faith freely, despite facing long-held prejudice and disapproval from their own communities. The Muslim chaplains work hard to ensure that all service members have access to religious materials, services, and resources regardless of the religious beliefs they hold. Learn more at https://www.cetconnect.org/independent-lens-three-chaplains/ or https://thinktv.org/independent-lens-three-chaplains/.

Salute to Service: A Veterans Day Celebration

Friday, November 10, at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Salute to Service, hosted by Jon Stewart and featuring the United States Army Field Band, is a heartfelt Veterans Day celebration honoring heroes past and present, uniting us in gratitude as we reflect on their service, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of America. Learn more at https://thinktv.org/salute-to-service/ or https://www.cetconnect.org/salute-to-service/.

To Be of Service

Sunday, November 12, at 2pm on CET
Saturday, November 11, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

The effect of war is profound for all the players engaged in the conflict. Veterans returning home may experience a disconnect from the world they once inhabited and struggle to function. Meet several veterans with PTSD and the service dogs helping them return to the world. Through these deeply bonded relationships, experience the duality of violence and redemption through the lens of addressing recovery from the trauma of warfare: http://www.tobeofservicefilm.com/.

Charlotte Mansfield: A Woman Photographer Goes To War

Sunday, November 12, at 3:30pm on CET
Thursday, November 9, at 11pm and Saturday, November 11, at 10:30pm on ThinkTV16

The story of the pioneering military career of Charlotte Dee Mansfield, a photographer and photo analyst in the Women’s Army Corps. The film uses her personal writings, archival film resources, historian interviews and a conversation with Charlotte’s lifelong companion, Chief Master Sgt. Lorraine Caddy, to add context to Charlotte’s career and the legacy of women’s military service during WWII. Stream it with Passport on the PBS App or at https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/charlotte-mansfield-a-woman-photographer-goes-to-war-3Y6ceD/ or https://video.thinktv.org/video/charlotte-mansfield-a-woman-photographer-goes-to-war-3Y6ceD/.

Available to Stream

Combat in Iraq: One Woman’s Perspective

Laura Colbert, author of “Sirens: An Alarming Memoir of Combat and Coming Back Home,” shares her experience as a woman in the military and looks at the challenges veterans face when transitioning to civilian life. Watch it now at either https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/combat-in-iraq-one-womans-perspective-esfle1 or https://video.thinktv.org/video/combat-in-iraq-one-womans-perspective-esfle1/.

Postcards: Vietnam Brotherhood

Located in the heart of Minnesota, the Vietnam Memorial and History Center is dedicated to telling the stories of the Vietnam War. Its founders, brothers and Vietnam War veterans themselves, Royal and Charlie Hettling do this by collecting and curating private photographs, newspaper articles and personal accounts of the war that highlight people’s different, and often conflicting, experiences. Watch it at https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/vietnam-brotherhood-yhx0wf/ or https://video.thinktv.org/video/vietnam-brotherhood-yhx0wf/.

Memoirs of WWII: Raymond Carey and Ilene Hall

Through World War II veterans’ personal accounts of real life during the war, this short-film series honors their sacrifices. It also offers younger generations an understanding of what it was like to live through the war and an opportunity to learn from it. This episode features Raymond Carey and Ilene Hall. Watch it now at https://watch.cetconnect.org/video/raymond-carey-and-ilene-hall-kysotc/ or https://video.thinktv.org/video/raymond-carey-and-ilene-hall-kysotc/.

Veterans of the Forgotten War                                 

For most Americans, the Korean Conflict is the “Forgotten War,” sandwiched between World War II and Vietnam. The three year engagement (1950-1953) did not end with victory as did World War II, nor did it stir the passions and divisions of our nation like Vietnam; yet it had a profound impact on the United States and the world. Watch it now at https://watch.cetconnect.org/show/veterans-forgotten-war/ or https://video.thinktv.org/video/veterans-of-the-forgotten-war-l5dcib/.

Veteran Children

This documentary film project illuminates the remarkable strengths, challenges and perspectives of America’s military children. Watch through a unique lens as families and children tell us their own stories in their own words at https://watch.cetconnect.org/show/veteran-children/ or https://video.thinktv.org/video/veteran-children-knjit8/.