How To Make Your Own Family Tree

Learning how to make a family tree has never been easier! All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and some coloring materials if you want to add some art.

The easiest way to gather information about your family tree is to sit down with your loved ones and have a conversation. You might be surprised with the wealth of knowledge your family members have about the subject and many family members love to talk about heritage! After you get all the information you can from your family, you can visit your local library, cemeteries and the internet for even more resources to help you find your ancestors.

Here are some terms to know for reference: 

Great Great Grandma/Grandpa– Your great great grandma/grandpa would be your great grandparent’s mother or father. 

Great Grandma/Grandpa– Your great grandma/grandpa is your grandparent’s mother or father. 

Great Aunt/Uncle– Your great aunt or uncle would be your grandparent’s siblings. 

Brother/Sister in Law– Your brother or sister in law is your sibling’s spouse. 

Niece/Nephew– Your niece/nephew is your sibling’s daughter/son.

Great Niece/Nephew– Your great niece/nephew is your sibling’s daughter/son’s child. 

Cousin– Your cousin is your parent’s siblings’ kids. 

Second Cousin– A second cousin is your great aunt/uncle’s daughter/son’s child. 

Once you have your family tree information together, you can also turn this into a fun art project! Here are some ideas:

DIY Family Tree Shadow Box from The Sway:

3D Family Tree from Good Housekeeping:

Family Tree Word Art from The Craft Patch:

Family Tree Chalkboard from Your Home-Based Mom:

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