Human: The World Within


HUMAN introduces viewers to the fascinating inner-workings of their bodies. In each episode, medical camera footage reveals how the body’s systems work together to heal, adapt and grow. The six-part series also examines how the body functions when faced with life-altering situations — in real-time. Viewers will watch the body recover from injuries, build endurance, survive extremes and overcome illness. With revolutionary medical technology and a state-of-the-art approach to filmmaking, HUMAN is an unprecedented expedition into the vast universe inside of us all.


Wednesday, April 28 through June 2, at 9pm on CET

Wednesday, April 28, at 10pm on CET

Explore how the technology of the brain and nervous system shape our experience of the world.

Wednesday, May 5, at 10pm on CET

See the world beneath the human heartbeat that makes our craziest feats possible and connects us.

Wednesday, May 12, at 10pm on CET

Journey through the factory at the center of our bodies that turns food into energy.

Wednesday, May 19, at 10pm on CET

Uncover how the human body defends itself in an increasingly dangerous global environment.

Wednesday, May 26, at 10pm on CET

Explore the incredible world of human sensation and how it defines our reality.

Wednesday, June 2, at 10pm on CET

Learn the story of human reproduction from attraction to the moment of a baby’s first breath.