CET Kids – TV Schedule

Monday-Friday Afternoon

1:00 pm Sesame Street (Mon-Thur)
1:30 pm Super Why!
2:00 pm Pinkalicious & Peteriffic
2:30 pm Let’s Go Luna
3:00 pm Nature Cat
3:30 pm Wild Kratts
4:00 pm Molly of Denali
4:30 pm Odd Squad
5:00 pm Odd Squad
5:30 pm Arthur

Sunday Lineup

9:00 am Mister Rogers
9:30 am Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
10:00 am Let’s Go Luna
10:30 am Wild Kratts
11:00 am Odd Squad
11:30 am SciGirls

Wild Kratts
Sesame Street
Dinosaur Train
Curious George
Daniel Tiger

Funding for educational programming on CET has been made possible, in part, by a grant from the Charles H. Dater Foundation, the Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation, and the Maxwell C. Weaver Foundation.

Wave Foundation at Newport Aquarium
School for Creative and Performing Arts