Life At the Waterhole


Life at the Waterhole is a new three-part series that explores the daily drama of African wildlife at a unique waterhole rigged with partially submerged and weatherproofed cameras in Tanzania. The series, hosted by renowned conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan alongside award-winning wildlife cinematographer Bob Poole, was created by working with local Hadzabe and Maasai communities.

Waterholes are vital to the African ecosystem as bustling oases where elephants, lions, leopards and hundreds of other species meet and compete for water. The competition for existing resources has even led to human-animal conflict. Despite the growing fight for resources, little is known about how these waterholes support so much life. Within hours of constructing a man-made waterhole, thirsty animals flock to drink and the team uncovers the waterhole’s complex dynamics for the first time.


Wednesdays, May 19 through June 2, at 8pm on CET

Episode 1
Wednesday, May 19, at 8pm on CET

Meet the first animal visitors to a new manmade waterhole in the African savannah. Using state-of-the-art cameras, scientists watch as warthogs and elephants discover the new oasis. But things become dangerous when leopards and lions close in.

Episode 2
Wednesday, May 26, at 8pm on CET

Discover how hotter weather impacts the animals, as the waterhole becomes busier in the evening cool. Nocturnal activity brings a new predator out of the shadows: hyena, creatures so elusive it’s hard to know the size of the clan.

Episode 3
Wednesday, June 2, at 8pm on CET

Learn how rain transforms the area into a lush grazing pasture, creating an abundance of food. Moderate weather makes it harder for predators, as prey can migrate further. With plenty of food available, mating and birthing seasons have arrived.