Masterpiece Mystery: Grantchester


It’s 1956 in Grantchester, and the post-war rulebook is being torn up – it’s the birth of the teenager, the era of Elvis. There’s change at the vicarage, too. Reverend Sidney Chambers is feeling adrift. He needs a little danger in his life, which is exactly what he gets when American civil rights activist Violet Todd arrives in the city and fires up his need for social justice. And soon enough, there’s a new Vicar of Grantchester: firebrand Will Davenport.

Idealistic and energetic, Will is a man of the people. He rides into the village on a motorbike, listens to rock ‘n roll and encourages the congregation to call him by his first name – all of which leaves Mrs. C. appalled. And while Will embraces the future, Inspector Geordie Keating is left entirely baffled by it: Cathy is suddenly cold and distant, he can’t find anything in the new police station where he has to share an office with a new DI, and there’s the feeling that the other officers are starting to think he’s a bit of a throwback. Throughout all of this upheaval, one constant remains: there is injustice in this world, and whether it’s Sidney, Will, or even Leonard, Geordie knows that sometimes a vicar can be a detective’s best friend.


Sundays at 9pm on CET

Episode One
Sunday, July 14, at 9pm on CET

Sidney is swept up in the formative civil rights movement when US pastor Reverend Todd and his daughter Violet arrive in Cambridge – and a murder sees racial tensions spike. Feeling more lost than ever, Sidney struggles to remember a murdered woman’s final words, while Geordie investigates a decaying slum that’s connected to a deadly web of vice.

Episode Two
Sunday, July 21, at 9pm on CET

When a professor dies at a cutting-edge computer laboratory, Geordie turns to Leonard for assistance with the case. As they discover the messy love lives of the computer laboratory team, Cathy is brutally tricked, Will returns to Grantchester, and Mrs. C makes a shocking discovery.

Episode Three
Sunday, July 28, at 9pm on CET

When a child from an isolated farming family is accused of murder, Will is the only one able to reach him and it brings out unexpected sides of the young vicar—shocking Geordie.

Episode Four
Sunday, August 4, at 9pm on CET

When Will asks for Geordie’s help with a family matter, Geordie is surprised to discover where Will really grew up: a house filled with secrets and lies.

Episode Five
Sunday, August 11, at 9pm on CET

While Will struggles with a decision that will determine his future, the violent death of a young man becomes conclusive proof to Geordie that the country’s gone to the dogs.