The City That Sings: Cincinnati’s May Festival


The City That Sings: Cincinnati’s May Festival takes an inside look at this remarkable organization on its 150th anniversary. We go inside the rehearsal room to see what it takes to be among the best choral ensembles in the United States. But this is about more than chasing excellence, every member of this chorus is a community volunteer. They give their time and talent, up to 200 hours a year, to make memorable music. For them, the music is the reward. Meet these ‘everyday’ people who are living the tradition. For 150 years, choristers like this have made the Cincinnati May Festival one of the longest running and most notable choral festivals in the world.

Support of the doc made possible by:

The Corbett May Festival Fund
Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation
In Loving Memory of Bill & Sue Friedlander
Robert Gould Foundation
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Ladislas & Vilma Segoe Family Foundation
Trish & Rick Bryan
Drew Gores & George Warrington
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Ronald C. Lamping
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Ellen and the late George Rieveschl
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Deborah Campbell
Castellini Foundation
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Christine Neyer
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Ginger and David Warner