National Peach Month Blog

National Peach Month Blog

August is National Peach Month! They’re round and fuzzy and juicy and sweet and there’s so much to know about and do with them. You can even write a super catchy song about people with “peach” in their names and watch it become a global phenomenon!

Since peaches have a whole month to themselves, we wanted to share some awesome peach-themed videos with you guys. Learn about where they come from, how they grow and how you can use them with these videos from the PBS App!

Iowa Ingredient: Peaches

Not many fruits outshine peaches in beauty and delectability. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, the team visits a historic family orchard to see what it takes to grow peaches in Iowa. Then, Chef Jamie Powers from Deluxe Cakes and Pastries in Iowa City will stop by the studio kitchen to share a few innovative recipes using peaches.

The Baking Journal: Pretty Peach Hand Pies

On this episode of The Baking Journal, Stephanie serves up delightful ginger peach hand pies complete with darling rosettes on top. In addition to the tasty filling, learn how to get a flaky crust to hold up in the oven while adding a hint of fabulous ginger flavor, which ties the recipe together. You are sure to enjoy these ginger peach hand pies for years to come.

If you’d like some tips on how to peel peaches, Stephanie also has a video to help with that!

America’s Heartland: Fresno Summer Peaches

Fresh, ripe summer peaches are the top crop at Mountain View Fruit. This Fresno farm is family-owned and every member of the family plays a role in the operation. They grow, pick, pack, sell and market peaches and other stone fruits by the millions of pounds.

Un-Wine’d: Crustless Peach Cheesecake

This cheesecake topped with peaches has everything you love about the summertime flavor of peach cobbler and cheesecake. Crustless Peach Cheesecake consist of a mixture of soft cream cheese, eggs and sugar baked in a wood fire oven. Peach compote is made with Viognier wine and cinnamon; freestone peaches (better than clingstone) for this recipe.

America’s Test Kitchen: Summer Decadence

For our PBS Passport members, hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison make a show-stopping Fresh Peach Pie with All-Butter Lattice Top. Testing expert Jack Bishop talks all about sugar.