New American Masters About Edward Hopper Premieres January 2

New American Masters About Edward Hopper Premieres January 2

Discover the secrets behind realist painter Edward Hopper’s iconic and enigmatic work in American Master – Hopper: American Love Story. Meet the man behind the brush, and see how his marriage to fellow artist Josephine Nivison Hopper shaped his art and career. The film premieres Tuesday, January 2, at 9pm on CET.

Best known for works including “Nighthawks,” “Chop Suey” and “House by the Railroad,”  Edward Hopper has inspired countless artists and filmmakers, from Alfred Hitchcock to Ridley Scott to the creators of “The Simpsons.” But little is known about Hopper’s own influences. When Hopper first met fellow painter and future spouse Josephine Nivison in 1923, he had not sold a painting in 10 years. When Josephine became Hopper’s primary model, marketer and muse, his fortune changed dramatically.

The film features excerpts from rare television interviews and further illuminates their story through readings of letters and diary entries, voiced by Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons and Emmy Award winner Christine Baranski as Edward and Josephine, respectively.

Experience Hopper’s Work:

Dayton Art Institute

Edward Hopper’s High Noon is currently on display at the Dayton Art Institute in the Dicke Wing of American Art. This collection traces the evolution of American art from colonial times to the 21st century. Features include colonial furniture and decorative arts, as well as an impressive collection of Postwar American art. Learn more about High Noon:

Cincinnati Art Museum

Although neither are currently on display, Hopper has two pieces featured in the Cincinnati Art Museum Collection: Sun on Prospect Street (Gloucester, Massachusetts) and East Side Interior. These pieces do rotate into view, so keep your eyes peeled!