Pack the Perfect Galentine’s Day Package!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for star-crossed lovers – it’s for best friends too! Send your BFF a Galentine’s Day package to show your love and appreciation for their friendship. Watch this “Hobby Hunting” video for inspiration and then pack your own Galentine’s Day package for a friend! Thank you to Elizabeth’s Closet in Fort Payne, AL for letting us borrow their gift items for our video!


  1. Fill the bottom of the box with shredded paper.
  2. Place any larger items in first, followed by more paper.
  3. Place all smaller items on top.
  4. Add in a final layer of shredded paper to ensure all of your gifts make the trek safely, then place a card on top.
  5. Seal up the box with tape, add a shipping label, and it’s ready to go!