Programs that Honor Memorial Day

Programs that Honor Memorial Day

No amount of thanking, barbecuing or setting off fireworks can ever express the gratitude we feel for these brave individuals for putting their lives on the line to defend all of us. The least we can do is try and learn as much as possible about the struggles they have faced while working to keep their memories alive in our hearts and minds.

So, in honor of Memorial Day, we’ve put together a list of programs available on the PBS App that are in the true spirit of remembrance and honor for the soldiers we have lost. We’d encourage you to stream them over the coming days.

Learning Adventures: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam War is revealed through compelling stories grounded in the personal experiences of Alabama veterans and others who were touched by the Vietnam War. Student reporters conduct interviews, experience a virtual draft, visit the Memorial with a veteran and consider the lasting effects of the war.

Hallowed Grounds

Hallowed Grounds provides a rare visit to America’s extraordinary overseas military cemeteries. There are 23 World War I and World War II American military cemeteries in England, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Tunisia and the Philippines.

Homecoming: Sgt. Hamilton’s Long Journey

Sgt. Vernon Hamilton from Monongahela was shot down over Germany during World War II. The plane and remains of the three crew members were declared unrecoverable. Decades later, an excavation and forensics team would bring long-awaited closure to his family. Sgt. Hamilton’s 1943 Monongahela High School ring – discovered at the excavation site – was a key component in identifying his remains.

University Place: The Missing in Action Recovery & ID Project

Sam Soderberg, Staff Sergeant, Wisconsin Air National Guard, discusses the UW Missing in Action Recovery and Identification Project which is using DNA technology to identify the remains of the Americans missing in action from World War II and the Korean War.