Rescheduled Programs

CET is Back on the Air

Thank you for your patience and support while we were off the air. The outage, which started, Friday, July 5, just after 4pm, was caused because of a Master Control equipment failure.

We sincerely regret the loss of our programming service to so many of our viewers and supporters.

Message from David Fogarty, CET & ThinkTV President and CEO

If you aren’t seeing us now, please rescan your channels. Here’s how to rescan:

Many of the programs you were looking forward to were not available because of the outage. We have rescheduled some of those shows to air again in the near future:

CET Rescheduled Programs Due to Equipment Failure

Program Original Air Date New Air Date
Art Detectives #1017/5 at 10pm7/12 at 10pm
The Art Show #10137/6 at 6pm7/27 at 6pm
Austin City Limits #43057/6 at 11pm7/14 at 12Mid; #4202 at 1am
Chasing the Moon Episode 1 or 37/8 at 8pm7/14 at 1pm
and 7/16 at 8pm
Downton Abbey #44047/7 at 7pm7/14 at 6pm
Endeavour Season 6 #49277/7 at 9pm7/14 at 4pm
Jamestown #3047/7 at 10:30pm7/13 at 9pm
Keeping Up Appearances #3067/6 at 7pm7/20 at 7pm
Marley’s Ghosts #2057/6 at 7:30pm7/20 at 7:30pm
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries #2087/6 at 8pm8/31 at 8pm
Museum Secrets #1017/5 at 9pm7/12 at 9pm
Poldark Season 4 #48387/7 at 8pm7/14 at 3pm
Professor T #1047/6 at 10pm7/13 at 10pm
105 at 10:53pm
SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar #10147/6 at 6:30pm7/27 at 6:30pm

Rescheduled Programs on ThinkTV