Soundtrack of a Revolution – Disco


From the basement bars of ‘70s New York to the peak of the global charts, experience the powerful, revisionist history of the disco age in this three-part docuseries. Told by the original musicians, promoters and innovators – as well as modern-day musical icons, meet the people who not only forged a new form of music and dance but pioneered a social movement.

While disco embodied the height of 1970s glamor, its success also obscured its wider significance. Inextricably bound up with the major liberation movements of the 1970s, disco speaks to some of the biggest issues of today. Reveling in iconic tracks and remarkable footage, this is the story of disco: its rise, its fall… and its legacy.


Tuesdays, June 18 through July 2, at 9pm on CET

Post expires at 10:30am on Wednesday July 3rd, 2024