Survive the End of Summer with STEM World

Survive the End of Summer with STEM World

From experiments you can do together to fun videos from local science educators to local STEM Adventures, STEM World can help you survive the end of summer and keep the kids engaged until school starts.

We launched STEM World a few years back to serve as a hub of content, resources and community organizations focused on STEM education and activities, both at home and in the community. There are three sections in STEM World, Kids, Teens and Adults. Here’s a little bit about each.


The kids section of STEM World has content for kids, parents and teachers. In the Games and Interactives section, we’ve assembled a playlist of PBS Kids content, including shows and games, as well as our local content, like the Full STEAM Ahead series from Mister C. The Parents section has information about STEM education, including tips and advice on sharing STEM with your kids and encouraging your kids to be great critical thinkers. We’ve also included links to various PBS Parents channels that will help you find additional information. The STEM Teachers section has quick links to classroom resources as well as ways to connect with PBS through their education team.


Our local content and PBS Digital Studios content are the shining stars of the Teens section. This is where you’ll find Science with Mike, Full STEAM Ahead, STEM Career Lab: Designing Your Future, Engineering Your Future, and Career Connections STEM. There are also more than 15 digital series that focus on a wide variety of STEM-related topics, like It’s Okay to be Smart, Physics Girl, Brain Craft, Deep Look and many more.


Although we do have a section for parents to learn how to engage their children around STEM (see the Kids section above), this area brings together the best STEM-focused shows from throughout the PBS Universe, including our more traditionally-broadcast shows like NOVA and Nature as well as many of the PBS Digital Studios shows like Gross Science and Space Time.

There is so much to explore in STEM World and we’d love for you to check it out:!