The Green Planet


The Green Planet is a new five-part documentary series about Earth’s biodiversity told through the fascinating story of plants. As host Sir David Attenborough explains: “Every mouthful of food that we eat, every lungful of air that we breathe, depends on plants.”

Using pioneering new filmmaking technology and the latest science, The Green Planet takes viewers from the deepest jungles to the harshest deserts, revealing the strange and wonderful world of plants as never before. Living secret, unseen lives, plants are often overlooked. Yet they are as aggressive, competitive and dramatic as animals — locked in life-and-death struggles for food and light, taking part in fierce battles for territory and desperately trying to reproduce and scatter their young.

In the series, Sir David Attenborough travels the globe, from deserts to mountains, from rainforests to the frozen north, to present a fresh understanding of how plants live their lives. He meets the largest living things that have ever existed, trees that care for each other, plants that hunt animals and plants that breed so fast they could cover the planet in a matter of months. He finds time travelers — seeds that can outlive civilizations and plants that remain unchanged for decades. By examining our relationship with plants past, present and future, The Green Planet reveals how all animal life, including ours, is totally dependent on plants.


Wednesdays, July 6 through August 3, at 8pm on CET
Mondays, July 11 through August 8, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Tropical Worlds
Wednesday, July 6, at 8pm on CET
Monday, July 11, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Sir David Attenborough takes a plants-eye view of life in a rainforest, a world of stunning beauty and fierce competition. New film techniques allow us to enter their magical world as never before.

Water Worlds
Wednesday, July 13, at 8pm on CET
Monday, July 18, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Sir David Attenborough explores bizarre and beautiful water plants, which use nature’s super-glue, counting and killer spikes to get a leaf up. Some escape from animals by rolling away while others create bubbles in a magical river.

Seasonal Worlds
Wednesday, July 20, at 8pm on CET
Monday, July 25, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Sir David Attenborough reveals the surprising and dramatic effects of the four seasons on plant life. In order to survive the huge challenges each season presents, plants must use strategy, deception and remarkable feats of engineering.

Desert Worlds
Wednesday, July 27, at 8pm on CET
Monday, August 1, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Sir David Attenborough explores the hostile world of the desert, where plants can spend decades waiting for rain or travel to find it. Survival tactics include using weapons, camouflage and forming surprising alliances with animals.

Human Worlds
Wednesday, August 3, at 8pm on CET
Monday, August 8, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Sir David Attenborough reveals how humans are helping plants, many of which face extinction. From projects in Africa to re-seeding the landscape to rebuilding a Brazilian rainforest tree by tree, everyone can work to make our world a little wilder.

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