Season 13

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Season 13, Episode 1

Anita Maharjan

Columbus artist Anita Maharjan weaves work that reflects her multicultural identity.

Akron Art Museum

The Akron Art Museum’s galleries are refreshed for their centennial.

Grant Kaye

Meet California landscape astrophotographer Grant Kaye.

Key West Pottery

Ohio artists Adam Russell and Kelly Lever set up shop in Florida with their studio Key West Pottery.

Season 13, Episode 2

Art in Bloom

The Columbus Museum of Art celebrates their biennial exhibition Art in Bloom.

Abigail DeVille

A sculptural installation by artist Abigail DeVille shines a light on the history of the Fairfax neighborhood in Cleveland.

Elizabeth Wright

Reno artist Elizabeth Wright creates colorful mosaics.

Not for the Weak Records

Learn what it takes to run the punk record label Not for the Weak Records in Norfolk, Virginia.

Season 13, Episode 3

Thomas Dambo

Visit a family of giant trolls by artist Thomas Dambo at Aullwood Audubon in Dayton.

Amber N. Ford

Meet Cleveland portrait photographer Amber N. Ford.

Nicole Eldridge

Self-taught abstract artist Nicole Eldridge creates vibrant work with alcohol ink and watercolor.

2D Cafe

The 2D Cafe in St. Petersburg, Florida serves up imagination with their coffee.

Season 13, Episode 4

Patterns in Nature walk in Dublin, Ohio

Explore found object art creation with the Patterns in Nature walk in Dublin, Ohio.

Andy Warhol’s Jewish Icons portrait series goes on display at the Temple-Tifereth Israel in Cleveland

Andy Warhol’s Jewish Icons portrait series goes on display at the Temple-Tifereth Israel in Cleveland.

Sri Prabha

Multidisciplinary artist Sri Prabha creates an art experience for all your senses.

Greg Rumph

Greg Rumph balances his art practice with his work as an assistant principal in Sarasota, Florida.

Season 13, Episode 5

Prints & Pints

The annual Prints & Pints event in Columbus combines delectable brews with eye-catching posters.

'Doors to My Barrio' project

Northeast Ohio Latinx artists come together for the ‘Doors to My Barrio’ project.

Isamu Noguchi

Explore the work of sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi at The Noguchi Museum in New York.

Season 13, Episode 6

Don MacRostie

Visit Red Diamond Mandolins in Athens, Ohio, where luthier Don MacRostie puts his heart and soul into each handcrafted instrument.

Quianna Simpson

Quianna Simpson shares her passion for West African dance with students in Columbus.

'Like a Good Armchair'

Get uncomfortable with modern and contemporary art at ‘Like a Good Armchair’ at Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College.

Season 13, Episode 7

Rick Braveheart

Master landscape photographer Rick Braveheart captures images of America’s National Parks and other public lands.

Dathan Kane

Contemporary painter Dathan Kane is known for his series of black-and-white murals in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Season 13, Episode 8

Hiroshi Hayakawa

Columbus College of Art and Design professor Hiroshi Hayakawa shares his love of paper folding.

flamenco music and dance of Abrepaso

Enjoy the flamenco music and dance of Abrepaso in Northeast Ohio.

Dean Mitchell

Florida watercolor artist Dean Mitchell seeks truth and honesty through his work.

Season 13, Episode 9

Five Rivers Health Center brings beauty to Dayton’s Edgemont neighborhood with its awe-inspiring, all-local art collection.

Meet interdisciplinary artist Daric Gill, who hails from Anna, Ohio.

The Anime Architecture exhibit explores Japanese hand-drawn animation.

Hop aboard Emmy’s Flower Truck, a vintage pickup that spreads love throughout Northern Nevada one bloom at a time.

Season 13, Episode 10

Meet Nigerian-born painter Said Oladejo Lawal.

The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus are ambassadors of Ukrainian culture and music.

The city of Opa-Locka hosts South Florida’s largest display of African diaspora art presented during Art Basel.

Reno, Nevada artist Turburam Sandagdorj celebrates his Mongolian heritage with intricate paper silhouettes.

Season 13, Episode 11

Aerosol artist Lance Johnson shares his passion for collaboration.

The Cleveland Museum of Art features work created during the reign of England’s Tudor dynasty.

Photographer and printer Carol Munder uses a 19th-century process to create haunting images.

The Sugared Squirrel in Nevada creates gorgeous custom cookies that taste as sweet as they look.

Season 13, Episode 12

Celebrate Dayton’s aviation heritage on the 120th anniversary of flight with a mural series at the Wright Company factory buildings.

Meet Cleveland balalaika virtuoso and Ohio Heritage Fellow Oleg Kruglyakov.

Travel to Red Stewart Airfield in Waynesville, where artists come in the form of pilots who use the sky as their canvas.