Twists on Fun Games for Outdoor Play

Everyone knows classic indoor games like Yahtzee and Twister, but have you ever heard of Lawn Twister or Yard Yahtzee? This article from our “Hobby Hunting” collection takes classic games and puts twists on them with help from other online bloggers! Head outside with your friends and family to try these outdoor games with a twist: 

Yard Yahtzee 

While Yahtzee is typically played around a table, that doesn’t mean it has to be! Check out this article to see how you can make your own backyard version of the game: The best part? There are only 5 simple things you need to make the game! 

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

Remember this game from summer camp or from gym class? Capture the Flag is a classic game that is a family favorite as it combines fitness with fun! This version goes even further than that though – you play it at night with glow sticks! Find out how to play this more intense version of the game at

Water Balloon Volleyball

Outdoor volleyball is always a good time… but we have found a way to make it even more entertaining! Learn how to play outdoor volleyball with water balloons with this article: We know you’ll have a blast!

Lawn Twister 

Take this indoor classic game outdoors by checking out this article: The directions are easy to follow, the materials are easy to get and your whole family can participate! 

Water Balloon Tag 

An old playground classic with a twist! You play the classic game of tag only with water balloons! Prepare to cool off from the summer heat playing this game.  

Life-Size Angry Birds Game 

Ever wondered what Angry Birds would be like if it came to life? No need to wonder anymore! Creating this life-size Angry Birds game is easier than you might think and everyone is bound to enjoy this little trip to Big Island. Find out how to make it at