Two New American Graduate Video Series Now Available To Stream Online

Two New American Graduate Video Series Now Available To Stream Online

As part of our ongoing American Graduate: Getting to Work project, CET and ThinkTV recently released two video series focused on helping people find pathways to successful careers: Finding Your Pathway: Career Exploration and From Here to Career. Below are the current episodes from each of those series and additional information. Please share these with your friends and family!

Finding Your Pathway: Career Exploration

Finding Your Pathway: Career Exploration explores how young people from a variety of backgrounds found their careers through various types of training, education, and work experience to enter promising career fields without accumulating debt.

Alina’s Story

Alina enrolled at Miami Valley Career Technical Center to find a career that she could begin right out of high school. After earning her entry-level credentials as a dental assistant, she enlisted in the United States Air Force to continue her education, travel and eventually become a dentist.

Leyla’s Story

Leyla is continuing a family tradition of working in construction, preferring her boots and a hard hat over other work attire. Her co-op program at the Greene County Career Center prepared her for an apprenticeship that is paying her to train as an electrician.

Alan’s Story

Alan turned his passion for flying into a career with endless possibilities. As a student at the Warren County Career Center and Sinclair Community College, he has earned multiple pilot licenses and now works on package-delivery drones and unmanned aircraft systems.

Krissy’s Story

As a hands-on learner who loved math and science, Krissy knew that she wanted to work in an engineering field. Her experiences at Sinclair Community College led to a co-op and successful job in a technology-driven manufacturing company that requires a skilled touch.

Tommy’s Story

By the time he was 13 years old, Tommy had already built his first computer from scratch. He learned more about IT at Miami Valley Career Technology Center and on his first jobs out of high school, discovering that training and certification courses were the best pathway for his career goals.

From Here To Career

The From Here to Career series tells the stories of people who have had to pivot their careers in order to find a rewarding job and a better life. Learn about their resilience and the resources they accessed to make the change that they needed.

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca’s career path was blocked by numerous obstacles, including incarceration. She was able to overcome them with the assistance of an organization dedicated to helping people find hope and sustainability in their lives and careers. Rebecca has now built a career that allows her to stand back and take pride in the work she does.

Kait’s Story

College and a career in media/design was originally the dream for Kait Matthey, but medical ailments would throw her off course not once, but twice. Through perseverance and a smart pivot to IT, a tech boot camp, and a program called Apprenti, Kait has been able to find a career that may just take her further then she ever imagined.

Omayra’s Story

After years of working in administrative assistant roles, Omayra realized she may have to look at other sectors to find a good career with growth potential that didn’t require a 4-year college degree. Now, she’s growing her experience in supply chain with Procter & Gamble and has a clearer vision for the future.

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