Urban Consulate Presents: Equity in Education


Urban Consulate presents returns with a new episode focused on education. We originally had hoped to discuss this topic around the start of the school year, but we had to reschedule the shoot due to COVID precautions.

In this episode, host Naimah Bilal joins Black students and educators from Cincinnati talk about what equity in education could look like in our city. This episode centers on the most vital voices with education – those of students – who will share their observations, ideas and dreams for their schools. Cincinnati leaders in education will also convene to discuss how they are working to advance antiracist policies and practices, at systems levels, to amplify positive outcomes for students.


Thursday, November 18, at 8pm on CET, the CET Livestream and the PBS Video App

Naimah Bilal

Host of Urban Consulate Presents: Equity in Education and Co-Host of Urban Consulate in Cincinnati

Naimah Bilal is co-host of Urban Consulate in Cincinnati, where she convenes dialogues about civic life through the lens of racial equity, amplifying voices and ideas to promote a culture of learning and exchange. As Chief Development Officer of the Children’s Literacy Initiative, she provides leadership, strategic vision, and direction to actuate and expand philanthropic support in service of Black and Latinx students. Bilal carries a unique blend of executive fundraising, performance, arts administration, and music pedagogy expertise. Combining an orchestral performance career with ten years of artistic planning experience, she has worked with the University of Cincinnati Foundation, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Waldorf School, and was a Management Fellow with the League of American Orchestras. She is the founder and host of “Bawse With a Cause,” the first podcast series to feature the stories, big ideas, and industry insights of Black and Brown leaders doing transformative work in the wider nonprofit space. She received her B.A. from Indiana University and M.A. from Case Western Reserve University/CIM. She is pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in Economics from the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business.

Timm West

Tim’m West

Educator, poet, youth advocate, and hip-hop artist. Learn more.

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  • Kathy D. Wright

    Kathy D. Wright, EMBA, M. Ed.

    VP of School Leadership Development at Dream Builders University and former Principal of Hughes STEM High School.

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