CET and ThinkTV Launch New Community Affairs Initiative, Brick by Brick

CET and ThinkTV Launch New Community Affairs Initiative, Brick by Brick

CET and ThinkTV are excited to announce the launch of a new community affairs initiative, Brick by Brick: Solutions for a Thriving Community. The project takes a solutions-based approach to our community’s challenges, exploring what’s happening in Cincinnati, Dayton and throughout southwest Ohio. The bi-weekly podcast – just one part of this multi-platform series – launched on March 27.

The first season is focused on the housing crisis. The lack of affordable and available housing is one of the most urgent issues facing our region. What’s working? What’s not? Why? What can we learn from it? The Brick by Brick team will investigate these questions together, with a goal to inform and connect local residents, elected officials, non-profit and business leaders through the discussion of solutions that hold promise for our region. While most news stories focus on problems, this initiative takes a look at solutions.

“It’s important to recognize whether it’s affordable housing, public health, economic growth, or environmental sustainability, there are no silver bullets – or one-and-done solutions – to the challenges that we are experiencing,” Executive Producer Mark Lammers said in a letter to viewers. “It will take many solutions, working together to meaningfully respond to these concerns. That’s why our project is called Brick by Brick; we will have to rebuild together, one step at a time.”

Brick by Brick is hosted by Producer Ann Thompson, who is joined by local journalists including Hernz Laguerre Jr. Together they speak to area residents, community leaders and content experts, as well as regional and national scholars and solutionaries. New episodes will be released twice a month on Wednesdays, while articles and digital videos will be published weekly on the series’ webpage, which can be found on each station’s website. Broadcast episodes will premiere in the fall.

Most recently, Thompson investigated Cincinnati’s response to out-of-town investors and its potential to serve as a national model for preserving local affordable housing, which is joined by an accompanying podcast episode with Laguerre, Jr. Brick by Brick also released a story from Laguerre, Jr. on The Port’s pathway to affordable homeownership, which is joined by an accompanying video. Both stories are available now at https://www.cetconnect.org/brickbybrick/.

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